Championnat de France de Voitures Production

1982 index

Since my main source are results and a few texts in French, I can't tell too much so far; the rules are a liberal version of Group 1 or A, with a power/weight copensation. The cars have front and (a little crude) rear spoilers. The races attracted large fields and were generally pretty close. Champion was Metge in the TWR-prepared Rover 3500, winning three races outright, while third-place man Snobeck won 4!
There were two classes, under- and over 2500 cc, but the cars were quite equally matched as can be seen by Snobeck, a 2500 cc car which won more races outright than any other.
Further, there seem to have been a sort of "challenge", perhaps for the non-qualifiers?

The races:

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French Touring Car Championship