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The Brits stayed with Group 1B for this year, like some other countries too. But if you dive into the British championships, sometimes it seem to lose some of its glory. Why on earth do not the frontrunners but the backmarkers become champion at the end? And to add insult to injury, those classes are dominated by a single car, the rest being also-rans!
This may sound harsh, and I won't take anything away from Percy's magnificent 1982 season; at least he had a few serious competitors, but the Toyota played in a different league altogether, always beating all the next bigger class (which says a lot on quiality of their drivers and/or machinery); he mixed it with the big boys more often than not. These big boys had a lovely season, Rovers and Capris fighting it out till the end, and the rulebook had to be applied to determine whether Allam (Rover) or Woodman (Capri) won the class title; it was the first.
Last but not least, the 1300 cc class was dominated by the Autin Metros, but at least there were three of them!
In 1983, group A would be introduced, and the 1300 cc class would be axed. And which class would the champion come from this time?

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