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All American Man - 1981 index

Produktie Toerwagens Group 1B under 1600 cc
The 1300 cc class wasn't really changed after 1980 (and it got the very same champion in Frans Derr), but the 1600 cc class got a big injection by a horde of Golf GTIs which lost their own championship and now participated in Group 1B in various states of tune; but even with a 4-speed gearbox the car could be competitive. A new team was "John Smith Racing" with a Golf and a Scirocco and two new drivers. The championship would have been Kroesemeijer's, but an appeal after a disqualification after the long-distance race in August failed so the title went to Bolderheij instead.

Produktie Toerwagens Group 1B over 1600 cc
In this field, no new cars to speak of, apart from the Mazda RX7 of van der Beek which had its debut in race 7; but the emotions were a bit better under control than in 1980. The 2500 cc class was won by de Jager once again, since his main rival Oeberius Kapteyn had some bad luck early in the season - both drivers won three races, the other ones went to Bénard and van der Beek. In the big class, it was the consistancy of Moritz (Camaro) which paid off; he won three races, like Loek Vermeulen (Camaro) while Frankenhout (Opel Monza) won two; but Moritz had two seconds and two thirds and therefore clinched the championship.

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Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap