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The German championship struggled on, and in its final season we saw a car which should have been there from the beginning: a BMW M1 Turbo. But it was too late and underfinanced, though it was an interesting car to say the least. Unfortunately, it was the only new challenger for the 1981 season. Zakspeed built one other super Capri for division 2 and kept one in division 1, with Ludwig and Winkelhock resspetivly. Heyer and Lancia built a new Montecarlo with an eye to division 1 as well, but the car never ran like it should and the 1.8 engine was never used. Heyer's old mount was used by Müller Jr, two older Capris were raced by Niedzwiedz and Hamelmann and that was it for division 2. Apart from the BMW and the Zakspeed Capri, the only other competitive cars were Porsches, of course; a Joest Moby Dick was sold early in the season and disappeared, while the Kremer K4 was never as sensational as the K3 had been.

So it wasn't exactly a great season, since Ludwig dominated dvision 2 and the championship. The Rennsport Trophäe was better, with Henzler and his GS M1 winning the championship and a few new Audis spiced up division 2.

Just as well that te DRM turned to one division (finally) and Group C for 1982; for us, we'll keep an eye on the Rensport Trophaë - that's touringcar racing.

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