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Banging The Door - 1980 index

Produktie Toerwagens Group 1B under 1600 cc
Many Simcas were modified into Talbot Rally 3s and there were some Alfasuds in the under-1300 class; and there were many cars without a sponsor. Despite this, the championship was a close affair with routinier Derr winning in the end. The 1600 class had a new spice of lifewith the Handic team, which entered two cars under which a new Talbot Sunbeam TI; and Kroegman brought an Alfasud Sprint, which was declared illegal late in the season, just like Prins' old Audi 80 - another title contender. The only one legal (or ot fiound to be illegal) was the Sunbeam TI mentioned before; it won the championship ahead of teammate Harvey in an Avenger. A sad result, the only bright point being one of the very few Golfs with a promisong (and rich) driver in the person of Kees Kroesemeijer, destined for greater things.

Produktie Toerwagens Group 1B over 1600 cc
The 2500 cc class was only a shadow of its former glory, the two dominating Escorts years old by now. They had new drivers in the person of de Jager and Antonides; unexpectedly, de Jager had the upper hand despite having a very limited budget.
The over-2500 class was on the way down as well, a handful of Camaros, the problematic Monza which was replaced in the end by the gool old Commodore, three Capris and a few also-rans. No legality problems here, but forceful driving by the trio Cleutjens, Hemmes and Vermeulen spiced the season a little too much - not only in Zandvoort but also at Spa! In the end, Vermeulen won the championship and Cleutjens was furious.

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