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BMW withdrew its fleet of country teams, the works Porsche team concentrated on Sportscar racing (especially Le Mans) rather than Group 5 and BMW entered a M1 sporadically, as a sportscar since the car wasn't even homologated.
Sportscars? Yes, they were admitted to the championship, though they coudn't score any points. It saved some races from being a farce, though some races still suffered from a low number of entries, like the low point Enna: only 8 Group 5 cars at the start, or Vallelunga, where Group 5 was won by a Porsche Carrera, finishing 7th overall behind six 2000 cc sportscars.

Of course, Porsche claimed thehollow title again, thanks to the entries of private teams like Kremer with its fantastic own development, the K3.

Wasn't there any positive point? Yes, it was Lancia who entered their brand new Beta Montecarlo, which won its class several times and it wn Group 5 overall at Enna - though there was not a single Porsche 935 present.

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