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Produktie Toerwagens Group 1B
Apart from a few disqualifications the season for the under-1600 cc cars was relatively quiet. The Simca brigade now had a handful of true Rallye-3's, but one man was head and shoulders above the rest: Arie Ruitenbeek was the man of 1979, winning all races apart from the last one when he had to retire. No other interesting new vehicles, but the 1600 cc class was more healthy now: a brand new Scirocco for Maassen and three Golfs for Kluvers, Versteegh and Glansdorp, though the latter car was disqualified at the second meeting. In the end, it was a showdown between Kluvers and Maassen with the latter getting the championship.

The 2500 cc class consisted in fact of two cars only, despite brave attempts by Bénard and his Kadett and some others; but Hutzezon and Houthuyzen had the only two competitive cars - they even managed to finish high in the overall positions, winning the last race. Hutzezon won his class four times and was champion.
The over-2500 class had exitement with some new cars (Frankenhouts Monza, which disappointed and Koks' Capri, which disappeared mid-season), some old hands (Siewertsen made a promising but unlucky return to racing) but drama with the death of championship leader Slotemaker at the Trophy of the Dunes. The final race was a farce when it was tried to let Slotemaker gain the title posthumously but it backfired to Hemmes, who had a chance of the title herself. Instead it went to Cleutjens and his Capri.

Group 2-5 Benelux Championship
No Dutch title anymore this year, only a Benelux title. Not a single new car, van Oorschot's car sold - it would have been a miracle if the season had brought any excitement, and indeed it didn't. In the end there were champions with Bourgoignie getting the overall title.

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