Tricentrol British Saloon Car Championship

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The field didn't change too much compared with 1978; there were the usual Capris, Lloyd had a Golf, Percy a Toyota, Longman a Mini. The Dolomites had changed owners and were now piloted by Marshall (who had a big accident mid-season) and Greenslade. And there was a spectacular newcomer: the "long-wheelbase" version of the rotary Mazda RX7 for Tom Walkinshaw. It was homologated after all, even after Porsche's protest - their 924 was no touring car, so the MAzda couldn't be one either.
Walkinshaw fared well with the Japanese car, even winning races outright. But still, the democratic points system yet again brought us a champion from the tail of the field; the very same Longman with his Mini, since the Capris had too many different winners, Walkinshaw had three races with few or no points and Lloyd and Percy took away points from each other. True, Longman had some competition from Curnow and Dooley, but both of them only won once.
Longman deserved the championship yet again, but for me, I like to see the champion winning races outright!

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