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The Story Ends - 1978 index

Produktie Toerwagens Group 1B
Group 1B had now completely replaced Group 1, the under 1000 cc class was scratched and the quality of the field more or less resembled 1977. The under-1300 cc class was a mess since it was not sure whether the FIA would allow the Simca Rallye 2 to be rebuilt as a Rallye 3, a much more potent car. In the end they didn't, the first race was dropped form the championship - just like winner Tom Klesser, who was disqualified and never returned. There were more disqualifications, and in the end Kluvers won the championship. The 1600 cc class was a farce; both Prins and Dooseman were disqualified at the end of the season, so that van Oostrum was crowned champion without a single win, with Versteegh a close second - with two wins!

The 2500 cc class was overshadowed by a scandal; not the disqualification of Houthuyzen (who seemed to make a habit of that) but the fact that Koks was suddenly replaced by Schinkel in the Lois Mobil Ford Team, only two races before the end of the season. Schinkel took the championship. The big class, which entry was more or less equal to last year, was dominated by van Gelderen, who had four wins and two seconds out of six races. Fred Frankenhout had a miserable season, with lots of damage and a single win as consolation.

Group 5
This class was digging its own grave; with one Porsche 935 (ex Loos) and one Escort (ex Hezemans) you can't make a championship work. The 1300 cc class was dominated by Antonides, Datsun brother "Kamikaas" finishing second most of the time while Ernst was disappointing in his 1300 Escort BDA. The Escort hardly had competition, Kok was lucky that the entry was sufficient in the races that he won so he could claim a hollow championship. In general, his laptimes were a bit disappointing - which can't be said of van Oorschot who had an enemy in the form of Claude Bourgoignie. Both men did a fine job, but behind them it was way too quiet.

Benelux Championship
Most Belgian and all Dutch rounds counted towards the Benelux Championship, where Belgian drivers seldom entered Dutch rounds and the other way round. Champions were Antonides, Vanierschot, Wijkstra and Bourgoignie - a draw between Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Final classification (Dutch and Benelux)

Nederlands toerwagen Kampioenschap