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1977 saw a return to a better field. Jaguar was ready for the start of the season this time (so they thought), with great-looking cars and a good lineup of drivers. Alpina, only represented on the entry list since 1975 by their branch Faltz, returned in anger - they wanted to compete against Jaguar. Quester was the pilot; he would be partnered by famous drivers, like Nilsson, Brambilla, Hezemans or Walkinshaw. The weapon: BMW CSL, out of production, but one must say beautifully made. Luigi returned with up to three cars, including two new ones. We'd better skip division 4; division 3 had entries from the McMahon Escort, various BMW 2002's, the Alfetta's and one or two beautiful Eggenberger BMW 320's, already tried succesfully in 1976. Division 2 (1600 cc) got the eagerly awaited couple of Scirocco's and a semi works car from Audi. Even division 1 got colour; an Alfasud Sprint for an Argentinian crew - with live radio reports which were broadcasted home in Argentina.
The racing would be better - but not near to the early 70's; and the BMW CSL was still invincible.

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