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1977 index

Twelve races this year, two in Belgium and one in Austria. Since I know all h results but not much background it is hard to say something useful. Too many classes as usual, and sometimes classes had to be combined, especially for the GTs and the smallest Group 1 touring car class. It is easy to get the “wrong” champion with this sort of thing, but in this case it came right with Struckmann in his immaculate Group 2 Scirocco getting the title by his own strength; teammate Jelinski never ran near the front, and the class was full of competitive cars. Well done!

The races:

Jim Clark
Saarlouis Hockenheim
100 Meilen
Salzburg Bavaria
Wunstorf Zolder Düren
Mainz-Finthen Kassel-Calden
Ulm-Mengen Zolder Joisten

The cars

Final classification

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