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Eight Miles High - 1977 index

The first year of Group 5 rose far above the level of the World Championship - though not every race had a satisfactory entry.
Rolf Stommelen became a worthy successor to Heyer; he claimed the championship in style. Wollek was competitive, but tried to decide some races too early. Luckless was Schurti and his team. The surprise Schnitzer-Toyota had a difficult start, but the last race was promising.
Most of the firework was in the small division. Heyer and Hahne's cars were too heavy until mid-season, instead the BMW Juniors stole the show. Cheever was often too agressive, Surer a bit inexperienced - but newcomer Winkelhock learned fast and became unofficial division 2 champion. Grohs disappointed, his style too wild, like Hezemans who underestimated driving and developing his own Escort himself. Teamboss Grab underestimated the budget needed and pulled out after the season. Schnitzer had the fastest car (apart from the baby Porsche, but that appeared only twice) but was handicapped by unreliability, although Ludwig showed how a car like that should be driven in the last race.
Finally, Jörg Obermoser, always a contender from the very start of the DRM had a terrible season; his car performed better in the hands of guest drivers than of the old master, it seemed.

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