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Will Anything Happen? - 1976 index

The new rules for Group 2 and 4 had a huge impact on the Dutch racing scene. The 1975 fields hadn't been that big, but many cars were rendered obsolete: the CSL BMW and the Capri, for instance. The small classes had less problems, but the fields were thin here as well. In the 1300 cc class, a new car arrived: the Alpine 1300 suited the new rules best. Datsun countered with the 120A coupé - which sported a drysump system at the start of the year (highly illegal) but that was removed that after a wink (but no protest) from Alpine driver Meylink. The N.A.V. chairman was most unlucky when a protest revealed that his car was too light - finally another Alpine, that of Cleutjens, became the main challenger to Datsun driver Coronel - but the latter would be champion.
1000 cc champion was Kok (almost as usual), and the 1150 cc class was a close fight between Hettelder and Van der Beek - the latter champion by a mere 2 points. The big class was too small really, but in the second half of the season on 5 occasions the field was big enough to count for points - with Huub Vermeulen coming out on top with two wins. Fastest man had been Deen, but his wins were mostly not rewarded with points.
There was a Benelux championship for Group 2 (1300 cc, 2000 cc and over 2000 cc); it was not taken too seriously apart from Vanierschot, who won all his races he entered and was a deserved champion.

In group 1, the small classes were more or less the same as last year with the Fiat 850 coupé and the Simca Rally 2 as the cars to have. Champions were Wortel (1000 cc) and Zwaanenburg, the latter with a very strong record. 1600 cc champion would be Maassen, while the next class had a stream of new cars: four Kadett GT/E's, a few Escort RS and a Vauxhall Firenza. The championship was fought out between Lammers (Kadett) and Rien Frankenhout (Vauxhall) - in the end it was Lammers who became champion as a farewell to Zandvoort - after half a season in FF1600 he would race in Formula 3 in 1977.

Finally, the biggest Group 1 cars had a disappointing entry and no Dutch title (the Benelux title would go to Eddy Joosen from Belgium) but that would change in 1977...

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Nederlands toerwagen Kampioenschap