Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft

Isolation - 1976 index

Germany always has been reluctant to accept changes in Motorsport regulation, and 1976 was no exception. They still accepted Group 2 and 4 cars according to 1975 specs, but used the 1976 wheel size and car weights. Of course, competitors cou;d use full 1976-spec cars as well, but with one exception that was useless. The exception was the Porsche 934, which was even more powerful than advertised, but also a little heavy, with a very small rear wing and narrow Tires - al real handful. It still frightened the competition to such an extent, that only Schnitzer entered a 1975 coupé once. Looking back, a well-developed Capri or BMW could have had chances still, but it was not to be. Hezemans and Wollek were the dominant pilots, but made too many mistakes (or had bad luck) to figure on top in the standings in the end. It became clear early that the championship was going to Zakspeed, since both GS and Schnitzer were not able to match the speed of Heyer and Ludwig - the first became champion, the second runner-up.

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