Trophée de l'Avenir

My Secret Garden - 1976 index

Was the 1975 championship a well-kept secret, I wouldn't know how to call the 1976 version. Since Group 2 was more or less based on the previous ruleset, the Trophée switched back to Group 1, but a little bit relaxed version of it; blueprinting and an open exhaust were allowed, for instance - the whole thing not too distant from the future Group A, apart from the homologation numbers. In Britain and Belgium those rules were already used in their national championships.

The calender lost all of its prestigeous rounds; the Coupes de Spa, Silverstone TT and the 24 hour were held for Group 2 cars, but the Zandvoort Trophy came in place, though only for the reason that the Dutch circuit was punished because they had allowed some GT's in the 1975 ETCC race; so no ETCC race this year.

There weren't too many entrants contesting all races; but some did and the Audi 80 GTE team of Nowak and Konrad won their class 5 out of 6 times - and so became champion.

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