Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap

Come as you are - 1975 index

Not many new cars in the field this year; Ron Kluit had stepped up as done by Siewertsen the year before: he bought the vacant Akersloot Capri, and progressed considerably during the year. But Vermeulen, marred by a few unlucky incidents as usual, clinched the championship in the last race. Tjan dominated the 1300 class, while van der Beek won the 1150 class in his first season of racing. The 1000 cc class finally was another championship for Kok.

Group 1 was rather less exciting; many Simca's proved to be illegal, and the new 1000 cc class was slow and mostly boring. The 1600 class was full of illigal cars too, while the next class was a bit better with a championship for Rosman. Two cars provided the biggest spectacle: Slotemaker's Camaro and Frankenhout's Commodore had many fights, Slotemaker the champion in the end.

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Nederlands toerwagen Kampioenschap