Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap

Come as you are - 1974 index

It was thought that the 1974 championship would be a disaster - the Netherlands were victim of the oil crisis, and though it became clear that Zandvoort could go racing again, sponsorship would be a problem.
But it was not as bad as thought first. The group 1 field was not bad, apart from the biggest class which had only two competitive cars. New was a capacity limit linked to the list price; it relieved the Alfa Romeo brigade from the Manta 19S.

The group 2 and 4 field looked surprisingly good. New boy Siewertsen had a Carrera RSR (the ex-Chiotakis car, but rebuilt into a 3-liter 1974 RSR), Vermeulen got a deal on the Alimpo BMW CSL, and Akersloot bought an ex-works Capri. Berg was thought to race a German Capri as well, and finally Frans de Vos bought the old Akersloot 1973 Capri. In the smaller class, not much news, apart from an increasing numer of fast Datsuns. A late charge by Tjan meant a championship, while newcomer Siewertsen took the championship in the biggest class. 1150 and 1000 were won by Hettelder (after years of trying) and Kok.

Group 1 was marred by many illegal cars, especially in the larger classes. Champions were van Dongen, Bökenkamp (beating Lammers in a nailbiting last round), Abbenes, Deen and Slotemaker.

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Nederlands toerwagen Kampioenschap