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The 1974 championship was more or less a copy of 1973. Works entries now and then, team tactics, battle between Ford and a private BMW team - and Zakspeed taking the championship in the last race. The importance of the Norisring round grew - and for the last time, two international non-DRM races dislocated the points table.

But what a season! Ludwig making a name of himself, Obermoser a title candidate by all standards, Carrera's stronger than ever - but not quite fast enough, though Heyer did well in the championship at the start.

Not everybody was happy, though. Krebs started his season with a miserable Capri of Gerstmann, which he had to share with Dutchman Berg, who was to enter the Dutch championship. Berg threw the towel early, fed up with an unprepared car, and halfway throught the season Krebs switched to Zakspeed, where he had some decent results. The BMW's of Kelleners were disappointing, the Alpina 2002 hardly turned a wheel. And then Schommers. A decent 3.5 Faltz-BMW was his, but he failed to deliver - later in the season, the team's preparation lacked too, to his defence.

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