1974 Castrol Anniversary British Saloon Car Championship

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Again, like in 1966, the RAC took the brave decision to move their prime championship away from FIA rules. Group 2 was becoming too expensive and now uprated Group 1 cars would challenge for the title, divided in four classes: 1600 cc, 2500 cc, 4000 cc and above 4000 cc. The cars could be prepared a little further than Group 1; blueprinting (bringing the engines up to maximum factory tolerances) was allowed, just like racing Tires. Visiting Dutch competitors, used to the strict FIA group 1 in their home country, were perplexed however when they found out that the Brits all had to have bumpers on their cars!
The new rules had success: The major 1974 saloon car championship in Britain was widely acclaimed as the best for years, with lots of works participation, plenty of dicing in all four classes, and a wider variety of competing cars than anyone could remember since the start of the Sixties. It was the year of the Avenger, the Dolomite and the Camaro. The Chrysler Avenger won Bernard Unett the drivers title; Triumph Dolomite Sprints won the manufacturers championship for British Leyland; and General Motors' Chevrolet Camaro Z28s won practically every race in the series, giving Stuart Graham the greatest number of outright victories.

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Silverstone International

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