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Rise - 1973 index

After years of uncertainty, finally the city council of Zandvoort decided in on February 27 that the circuit could stay open. The circuit would even host a Grand Prix after missing such an event in 1972 - if the circuit would be upgraded to modern standards.
The circuit was old, neglected and unsafe. So it was decided that in a very short time something had to happen. The first races were cancelled and work started out on the track and pit area. The first two races were held on the old track, the third one was cancelled - but for the Grand Prix the track was ready in time. We all know now that this was to be a tragic event.
The national field was not bad at all, concerning the uncertain future of the Zandvoort track. The Group 1 field, in for a championship for the first time, looked healthy; the lower classed packed with Simca's in either Rallye 1 or Rallye 2 form, the bigger classes filled with Opels and Alfa Romeos. But negative were the protests, unmasking many an illegal car.
No such troubles for the combined Group 2/Group 4 field. The 1000 cc and 1150 cc cars had their own race, with the Hillman of Kok and the Fiat 128 coupé of Daniëls on top, though the new Datsun Cherry looked very promising.
The 1300 class was won by Deen again, with a well-funded car this time. Main opposition came from the other Alfa Romeos, the NSU of van Oorschot and especially the new Fiat 128 coupé of Rob Dijkstra. The two-liter class had only two competitive entries (the Escorts of Bergand Engeman), and had to be filled with Group 1 cars to enable the title for Berg.
But the big guns were most entertaining. The Alimpo BMW was entered for the last two races only, but Chiotakis bought a new Porsche Carrera RSR, while his old car was bought by Akersloot. The Capri was updated with a new body kit but was essentially a very 1971 car. The remaining entries were the two Datsun 240Z cars, which had many troubles with preparation but had quite a good pace sometimes. The championship finally was for Akersloot.

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Nederlands toerwagen Kampioenschap