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More or less the same like last year; Porsche domination all over though two races were won by De Tomaso. Porsche had improved its 911 by lightening the body, increasing the engine size and last but not least the addition of a rear spoiler, which was beneficial for straight line stability, a weak point of the 911.

The championship fight was between Ballot-Léna and Schickentanz - and at the end, both claimed to be the champion; Ballot-Léna protested that Schickentanz had driven two cars in Monza, which was illegal; Kremer countered that Schickentanz would claim points for first only, generously ignoring the points for second... and the Germans countered with a protest against the number of scores to be dropped, with a canceled race in mind. Of course, this would benefit Schickentanz.

In the end, FIA made the wise decision to grant the championship to both of them, stating that the Monza incident was an error on the side of the FIA; next season, one could only drive a single car - but this year this was not explicitely forbidden.

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