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Even more as last year, drivers deflected into the DRM, although few would shine there. But the championship was more exciting than most feared after the first few races. While 1000 cc NSU drivers Tubbesing and Wolf deprived each other for much-needed points and Hargarten lost many points on a few occasions, Peter Brand won quite a few races in his 1300 cc Alpine - in the 1600 GT class. When he bought the 1600S Alpine from Krasser, he gained a few horsepower and lost another competitor. A bad start of the season meant no second title for Rösser, so Brand became champion. The tragic part of the championship was formed by poor Joisten; after four victories in a row, his entry was refused at the Salzburgring. He missed the next race since it clashed with the Nürenburgring 6 hours (a different decision could have been made after another good result at the Salzburgring of course). He won the last race again at Hockenheim, finishing fifth in the championship. But the real tragedy was his death at Spa one week after his last victory.

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