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The blue and white cars from Cologne had the upper hand once again in 1972. Had they been defeated only twice in 1971, in 1972 they were unbeatable - except for their homerace at the Nürburgring; a painful victory for BMW Schnitzer there. New were the 15" wheels - and the fact that Ford built two brandnew customer cars with the same specification as the works. Something that backfired at Paul Ricard - a customer car (with a unique development engine from Weslake) beat the works team fair and square. Since their was a 5-liter capacity limit for most of the season, the AMG Mercedes was left out in the cold, together with any Camaro or Mustang.

Young Jochem Mass became driver champion, but the makes title went to Alfa Romeo, because of the single defeat of the Capri - Alfa Juniors won their class each time, which no Fiat coupé or Escort 1300 could prevent. The two liter class was won by too many different makes tp play a role in the championship.
Since Neerpasch and Braungart defeated to BMW, the 1973 season would be interesting - especially since the BMW and Ford lobby succeded in excluding the 1300 class from the championship.

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