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Riot - 1971 index

A year full of quarrels and anger. Slotemaker's Commodore never turned up, so Hans Kok was pushed out of his Imp. Dijkstra fell out with the race officials; Hezemans was pushed out of the last race (and due lost the championship) by van der Sluis; Akersloot's season started miserable but it came good with another championship; and lady Engeman was fired by the SRT team.

The races were often entertaining and lap records came down once again. Dijkstra, van Oorschot, van de Pol and Slotemaker were the class of the under-1150 field, with the new Fiat 128's not yet fast enough. In the other Group 2 race, Akersloot was fastest but had opposition from Chiotakis, now with his own team, and "teammate" Berg. Engeman failed to deliver in the GTAm Alfa of the ELF-SRT team, just like Boshuis in the 1300 class; van der Sluis and Hezemans were fastest here, with van der Sluis improving each race - despite the circumstances, he was my no means an unworthy champion.

As expected, the Opel Kadett 1900 was the fastest car in Group 1, the lower ranks mostly led by NSU and the Simca Rallies.

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Nederlands toerwagen Kampioenschap