RAC British Saloon Car Championship

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Class divisions were like quite some years still 0-1000 cc, 1000-1300 cc, 1300-2000 cc and over 2000 cc.
A few drivers stood out between the others this season. Brian Muir got his act together with the mighty Camaro and won 7 races. Gardner's Mustang had been returned to the States, but from mid-season he became a fierce opponent with another Camaro. Birrell's Capri was not far behind either. Dave Matthews drove the Broadspeed Escort GT to 7 class wins, and Fitzpatrick took the new 16-valve Escort RS1600 to an overall win at its debut - and 5 more wins would follow during the season. But yet again, no-one could match Mr. Consistancy, Bill McGovern and the Bevan Imp. Ten class wins meant the championship again.

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British Saloon Car Championship