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I'm the one - 1970 index

1970 was the first year of the new Group 2; and, as usual, the new rules were promptly followed in the Netherlands. Three new Alfa Romeo 2000 GTAm cars were bought; works driver Hezemans of course, under SRT banner, Slotemaker with his own team and Chiotakis with the DNRT. But Hezemans had the latest tweaks, Chiotakis tried but could never keep up, while Slotemaker was distracted with the 24 hour of Le Mans movie where he performed some stunts - but missed the deadline for entry of the Grand Prix support race. Three Escort TC's were entered usually, sometimes four when Engeman joined the 1600 brigade. Many Alfa Romeo 1300 GTA Juniors, not all of them fully prepared at the season opening. And the usual Abarths in the smaller classes.

A healthy field - with only one champion this year.

The standard cars raced to Group 1 rules this year; no championship still but interesting racing. The smallest class turned into a Simca Rallye class - it would remain so for the next few years. The middle class was still NSU territory, while the "big" class was dominated by the Opel Kadett 1900 - when it finally was homologated, very late into the season.

The races:

The cars

Final classification

Nederlands toerwagen Kampioenschap