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1970 proved to be an interim year for the championship. The 2002 Turbo BMW was no longer allowed, as was the Porsche 911 which was now (only) a GT. BMW wasn't ready for an alternative, Ford did make an effort but the 2300 GT was unreliable and did not have enough power. What was left was Alpina attacking the 1600 cc class (with the surprise that nobody bothered with the probably superior Escort TC), Abart could use its TCR again and Alfa Romeo had homologated a lightweight 1750 GTV which was named 2000 GTAm - the latter piloted by Italians and Porsche star Toine Hezemans. The latter won the championship after a tough battle with Abt's Abarth - all the tricks were used to deprive the opposition from points, which at the time was criticized but today would't even raise an eyebrow.
So Hezemans was the smiling champion, Alfa Romeo satisfied with the title and BMW got the makes title because of the Alpina 1600 race wins.
1971 Ford would have learned its lesson - times would change.

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