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The purchase of a 1969 TransAm Mustang gave Gardner yet another good shot at the championship. But in his class he would meet more American opposition in the form of Muir and his Camaro and a few others. In the 2000 cc class main candidate for victory was Craft in the Broadspeed Escort TC, but he had many opponents here. A 1300 cc Broadspeed Escort would give Fitzpatrick chances of another championship, with a few other Escorts and Minis to keep him from doing just that. But overall the champion would come from the ranks of the 1000 cc class; the best Imp was that of McGovern, and after a few goodies were homologated there was no stopping the Bevan Imp - the only one capable of doing so would have been Woodman's 1000 cc Escort, but before the end of the season he had already thrown the towel and moved up to the 1300 cc class.

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