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In 1969, Denmark returned to Group 2 for most classes, unlike nearly every other European country with the exception of Germany - the latter always slow to intruduce new rules.

A class which had a difficult start was the 1000-1600 cc Group 2 class. Few entries, all in all only four races could count for the championship. Its unexpected rise at the end of the season was due too the many Swedish participants, who came with excellent cars and drivers to make life difficult for the Danish contestants. It did not change the championship situation, with Buch-Larsen scoring maximum points in three of the four rounds, thus becoming the undisputed champion (the third time in four years), but it brought excellent races!

The under-1000 cc class was a walkover for Høyer, scoring maximum points in all seven rounds of the sometimes very large field. Main competition came from Sweden, again, with Ragnar Eklund winning one round overall.

And for the first time, a Group 1 championship was organized, for cars from 1000 to 2000 cc. It was hoped that the class would be filled with talented newcomers, but instead it were the well-known drivers who would dispute the championship.

Last but not least was Group 5, the only group 5 class taken over from 1968 was for over 1300 cc cars. Tom Belsø was the designated champion, in an optimal Alan Mann Escort TC, though he had to start with a Mann Cortina. But Engstrøm with his dated Porsche 911 wouldn't have anything of it, and a mid-season makeover of the Porsche combined with some bad luck for Belsø - and not to mention some inspired driving of Engstrøm - made the Porsche driver a worthy champion. The class became even healthier with the entry of some Swedish drivers - though they had no impact on the championship, of course.

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