Nederlands Toerwagen Kampioenschap

Worlds Apart - 1968 index

The 1968 touringcar championship in the Netherlands was closely following the international scene; group 5 in Europe, group 5 in the Netherlands. Though apart from Koster's BMW 2002, most cars were more or less adapted versions of last years' group 2 cars. So we would see the Porsche 911 of Pon, some Alfa Romeo GTA's, Mini's, Abarths and the odd Mustang. Akersloot switched between an 850 Mini, a Mustang and a Cortina. Some cars added a small blower with no real function apart from moving the car up a class or two where less competition could be expected.

On the other side of the spectrum, races for standard cars were held, with even stricter rules than group 1. A few protests but close racing, bringing some future stars like Wim Boshuis and... Boy Hayje. No championship in this category yet - that would take a few more years (1973).

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Nederlands toerwagen Kampioenschap