Japanese Touring Car Races



With some outside help, I decided to plunge into the deep and let Google Translate help me with the Japanese JAF site to dive into the 1966 Touring car scene. There was no championship that I'm aware of, but I found 15 races with a large Touring Car involvement.
The Japanese scene was very different from Europe; apart from a few Minis, only domestic cars took part. The fastest cars were the Prince Skyline, a 6-cylinder sedan, and the Isuzu Bellett, a car you could define as a BMW 02 avant la lettre. In the smallest class, the 2-seater Honda S600 could act as a touring car; cars under 700 cc only needed to have two seats.

The races:

Suzuka 500 km
Fuji Funabashi 2
Suzuka 300 km
Fuji GP
Suzuka AJDC 2
Suzuka KSCC
Suzuka KSCC sep
Funabashi AJSCC
Funabashi 3
Suzuka AJDC 5
Fuji TT

The cars

Final classification

Japanese Touring Car Races