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Roy Pierpoint carried off the BRSCC title in a Ford Mustang after a very successful season - he was very consistent, making it look all too easy. Following their success in the 1964 Tour de France, three Mustangs were prepared by Alan Mann Racing for private entrants Pierpont, Salmon and Baillie. Alan Brown imported a Mustang for Jack Brabham to drive but the lightened valve gear it used was not homologated.
After struggling at the start of the season, the works Lotus Cortinas were sorted out and dominated the up to 2 litre class. However, Jim Clark wasn't available for all the races and so wins were split between him and Jack Sears, meaning neither could win the championship.
BMC pinned their hopes on their 970 and 1275 Mini-Cooper Ss. Broadspeed initially intended to compete in the European Touring Car Championship, but they realised the regulations put them into an impossible class. So they also competed in the British Saloon Car Championship against the works team. However, the works drivers, Warwick Banks and John Rhodes both won their classes, and Banks came close to winning the overall championship, tying on points with Pierpoint.

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