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October 10, 1958 John Sprinzel wrote an impassioned plea to “put the house in order’ and have one common set of rules for all the races. This was followed almost immediately by an announcement which appeared in Autosport October 17.
The BRSCC were to organize the series, again for the Bonneville trophy presented by BMC. Competitors were required to be members of the club.
It was decided to run the championship in line with international racing and consequently the series was to be run in accordance with Appendix J to the International Sporting Code, Catergory I, Group Three-Special touring Cars
The other major change was that qualifying races would not be restricted to purely BRSCC races but also all International and National open saloon car races in Great Britain.
Uren, with his “works assisted” Zephyr was only beaten once in class—by Blond’s 2.4 Jag on Silverstone’s long straights. The new class structure (under 1300 cc; 1301-1600 cc; 1601-2600 cc; over 2600 cc) had effectively removed Sears and the Austin (2693cc!).
(David Fox)

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